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Next generation pollution monitoring

Bipolar charging has been harnessed in regulatory-grade instruments for measuring atmospheric aerosols and reliable smoke alarms for decades. We leverage this reliability in a revolutionary way to monitor ultrafines at low-cost.

In development

Ambient Ultrafine Monitor (AUM)

Health-relevant metrics

The AUM measures lung-deposited surface area (LDSA), a metric related to what matters most–our health.


The AUM reliably charges particles with bipolar charge technology, providing distinct advantages in stability and accuracy over conventional unipolar charge for a wide range of operating conditions.​​

Fast response

Ultrafine particles are the most dynamic subset of particles. The AUM measures at 1 Hz to make every second count.​​


Approaching the size of a conventional smoke alarm, the AUM is a compact solution which can be integrated into even the smallest of air quality platforms.


Due to the complexity of measuring the smallest particles, ultrafine sensors have never been low-cost. Our innovative design harnesses the best of bipolar charging to measure the smallest particles in a simple way.​​

Innovative solutions

Exposure to fine aerosol particulate matter, quantified as PM2.5, is the leading environmental risk factor for premature disease and death worldwide. The smallest of these particles, ultrafines, often have large total surface area and penetrate deep into human lungs. Ultrafines are mostly invisible to low-cost optical sensors, therefore new approaches are needed for widespread monitoring.

System integration

Atmose’s ambient ultrafine monitor (AUM) provides real-time measurements of the smallest aerosol particles in both indoor and outdoor environments. The AUM electrically charges particles with positive and negative gas ions, removes the ions, and detects the charged particles. 

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Leaders in environmental innovation

At Atmose, we believe that everyone deserves to breathe clean air. With decades of combined experience in aerosol science, we're dedicated to making a difference. 
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