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Clean air is everyone's business

Measure ultrafine aerosol particles reliably, when and where it matters.

Our innovative products empower people worldwide to take action for cleaner air

Air pollution impacts us all. The fine aerosol particles in smoke, smog, and haze are a leading cause of premature death and are significantly impacting our climate. Smaller, ultrafine particles likely pose a higher health risk and conventional systems have been unable to measure them when needed due to operating complexities, regulatory restrictions and significant costs.

We build the tools needed for anyone to easily measure and condition ultrafine particles anywhere.

How we stand out


Atmose spun out from the renowned University of Cambridge by two PhD engineering graduates in aerosol science. Our products harness new scientific discoveries and are protected by two pending international patent families.


We are enabling new applications for aerosol measurements worldwide. Our products, which often have fewer logistical restrictions than conventional systems, can be used in locations where aerosol measurements are needed most. 


We have refined our products with state-of-the-art aerosol science and meticulous engineering to provide maximum value to our customers.


Feel confident at all times. Our high-performing products improve measurement accuracy, repeatability, and response time when compared to conventional systems. 

Our Products


Aerosol Charge Conditioner

Bipolar diffusion charging 


Ambient Ultrafine Monitor 

In development

The Power of Atmose


Patents Pending


Years of Combined Industry Experience


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles in Aerosol Science

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